Allergy Relief for Dogs – How to Make Money & Save the Dogs

April 25, 2016

Allergy Relief for Dogs - How to Make Money and Save the Dogs at

I believe that groomers are a smart bunch of people.  We can see a pet suffering from allergies a mile away.  The patches of hair loss. The chewed feet. The miserable look on the pets face. Allergy time is here and we are the first line of defense for our concerned clients to help aid their pet in allergy season.

Formulate a Plan
Step 1 – The Right Products
The war is on so fill your arsenal with the right all-natural products such as anti-itch and medicated shampoos designed exclusively for pets suffering from the signs of allergies.  There are also different sprays on the market that help with itch relief. Use these products and sell them to your clients too.  Nearly all of these products come in both gallon and retail sizes.

Step 2- Find the Poor Pets in Desperate Need
Grab a wall calendar and write the names of the pets that come in with seasonal allergies.  Use this calendar each year, adding to it as you go along.  The year doesn’t matter – just the month the flare ups occur and the pets that need your help. Your clients will be really impressed that you call about Fluffy right around the time the allergies start next year.  This shows that you are a professional, knowledgeable and most important – you care about their pet.

Step 3 – Create an Allergy Relief System in Your Shop 
There are many different programs you can put in place but I find the following to work well:

  • Bathe your clients pet once a week for one month (4 visits)
  • After a month, space it to bathing every other week for one month (2 visits)
  • Once under control, bathe once a month until allergies go away (1+ visits)

This plan is a quarterly plan (3 months) which is about the time it takes to tackle seasonal allergies.

Step 4 – Provide Information to Your Clientele

Be a resource to your clients.  Chances are they see you more frequently then their vets.  Provide to them information on allergies and what to look for.  You can check out my blog that I wrote to my clients about what to look for. Continue to offer relevant advice to help make their pet’s life more pleasant.

Step 5 -Get Testimonials

Any pooch you saved from the sorrows of allergies, get a testimonial from that raving pet-mama!  Collect them and market them in your storefront, on your mobile vehicle and online.

Three wonderful things happen when you put together a plan for allergy season.

  1. (And most important) – you truly help relieve a suffering pet.
  2. You add relief to an owner that is frantically worried about their puppy
  3. You have a plan that makes you money while doing the right thing.

What can be better than that?

Continued Success,


What kinds of things do you offer to your clients during allergy season?  Any products that have worked well for you?  I would love to hear!

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