What does Gasoline and Dog Ear Cleaner Have in Common?

April 25, 2016

What does Gasoline and Dog Ear Cleaner have in Common? at NaturalPetDistributionBlog.com

What does Gasoline and Dog Ear Cleaner Have in Common?

Um, how about the fossil fuels (like petroleum, natural gas and coal) used to make both?!? Crazy, I know. But did you know that many leading ear cleaners in the market use that very ingredient – Isopropyl Alcohol (aka rubbing alcohol) – to clean dog’s ears?

Taking the scary out of science…

Us dog groomers have enough to worry about besides the ingredients in all the products we use. Some things work and we just like it. Makes sense. But then something comes across your email that makes you stop and think: “Am I seriously using the same type of ingredients that fuels my car to clean dogs’ ears? Is this really wise?” Alcohol can come in many forms. If you are a science nerd, like myself, you will love this website which breaks alcohol into many groups. But the average person wants to know – good or bad? Dangerous or safe?

Here’s my answer:

Isopropyl Alcohol is not made from grain, corn, sugar cane, potatoes or wheat. These are known as Ethanol or Grain Neutral Alcohol/Spirits. Sounds much safer to me than fossil fuels, huh?

Isopropyl Alcohol will cause illness or even death if ingested. Ethanol can be consumed…..you just will get wicked drunk! (Combined with other ingredients such as Witch Hazel and you can have a serious bellyache but you won’t die).

Both are an antiseptic (great for ear cleaning).

dog ear cleaner
I’m listening. Tell me more!

Isopropyl Alcohol can be very drying to delicate skin and will disturb the pH of the canal, cause irritation, inflammation and pain.

Don’t get freaked out. Groomers have been using rubbing alcohol for years to clean out the pet’s ears, but just because we have always done it, doesn’t mean it’s the best practice. There are safer alternative out there that are on the market. Just do a little research.

Natural Green Ear CleanerNatural Green Ear Cleaner 17 oz v.75

Don’t have time to scope out all the products on the market and their ingredients? Then check out Envirogroom’s Natural Green Ear Cleaner. It is Isopropyl Alcohol-free. Being Ethanol-based also means it is Gluten-Free (kind-of a big deal here in Envirogroomland). They take great pride in the lengthy certification process to be deemed a Gluten-Free company.

The health conscious craze is here. If you are not thinking about what you are putting on your clients’ pets, you very well know they are. With all the information and a fingertip, scroll, link away – you don’t want your pet owners knowing more than you. Get ahead of the curve and start to make small adjustments in the salon now. Before you know it a client will say, “Are you using gasoline to clean my dog’s ears?” Oh geez…

What are you using to clean dogs ears?  Leave us a comment below!

Continued Success, Tara



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