Top 5 Shampoos You Need in Your Salons

April 25, 2016

Top 5 Shampoos You Need in Your Salon at

Running a business is tough.  Managing money can be tougher.  Here are a few tips to help make business run smoother and keep your money in your pockets – where it belongs!  The following is a list of the Top 5 Shampoos Grooming Businesses keep in their salons all the time.  

    1. General Purpose Shampoo
      This is a high dilution rate product that is mid-range in terms of pricing.  Dilution rates of 50:1 or better is preferable.  Costs vary but anything too cheap and you will have problems with re-bathing pets that have a reaction to the poor ingredients in the cheaper stuff.  Too expensive and you will have a cash flow problem  General-purpose shampoos should have two or more properties to make it your go-to product for most dogs.  Examples are hypo-allergenic, tearless and good cleaning abilities.  This is the product that you will buy the most of and use on nearly all pets.

2. Medicated Shampoo
With all the skin conditions we see in this industry, you need a good medicated shampoo.  This product can be a little more expensive but you should only be using it on the extreme cases.  Most pet businesses purchase a medicated shampoo every 2-3 months based on usage.  Seasonal allergies in your area is a good time to stock up on medicated products.  A few benefits to a medicated bath is that you can charge extra for it.  Most pets need to soak in this product for up to 15 minutes – charge for the cost of the product and the soak time.  In addition, your vendor should have this product in a retail size as well that you can sell to your clients.  In my shop, medicated shampoo cannot stay on the shelf for very long because my pet clients purchase it frequently.  A good medicated shampoo should help treat most skin ailments such as hot spots and yeast.

3. Flea Shampoo
(Please note – some areas of the country do not have fleas and this product is not needed).
The big question you need to ask yourself is: do you want a natural or chemical based flea product?  Both have pros and cons and really can only be left to your discretion.  Do your research and ask around.  The stronger the product, the harsher it is on the pet’s skin.  Also, this product may not be needed in the cooler climates all year round. If you are in mild parts of the country, a flea outbreak can happen any time of the year when the temperatures spike so keep this product on hand all-year round.Top 5 Shampoos

4. Whitening Shampoo
A good whitener is great to have on hand for all the “little, white fluffies” that come to your shop.  You want something that is good but also affordable because you will not be using it on many dogs.  Most whiteners are a little strong, drying and make pets itch if they have sensitive skin.  And doesn’t it seem like all the “little, white fluffies” are allergic to just about everything?  Like the medicated shampoo, this is one of those products that you will probably buy every few months.

5. Deshed Shampoo

If you are not taking advantage of the deshedding craze that has happen to our clients then you are missing out on a HUGE revenue source!  Spend a little more money on a great quality deshed product.  More than likely, you will have to purchase the conditioner too.  Put together a deshed package for your clientele and charge according to the time spent doing a true deshed treatment.  You can do a deshed treatment year-round.  Even when temperatures drop, those dogs are still shedding in their parents home!  (Especially when the heat kicks on!) Deshedding treatments alone can pay for all my shampoo purchases for the month!  Market it, sell it and reap the rewards.  My shampoo clients that have a great system in place will order this product monthly.

5a. Conditioning Shampoo

Now it wouldn’t be fair to my flea-free friends and not give them a 5th shampoo to have in your shop!  A conditioning shampoo is a 2-in-1 product that has both shampoo and conditioning agents in it.  These products clean really well and also add extra softness to the coats.  A good conditioning shampoo should be affordable and can be used on many drop and double coated breeds that need some extra shine and softness.  I typically steer clear of summer smoothies for this product.

What core shampoos do you keep in your shop?  I would love to hear from you!  Please leave a comment below.

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