May 18, 2016


Losing money

Washing Profits Down the Drain

FOR OUR FULL DISCLOSURE OF PRIVACY, AFFILIATE LINKS AND OTHER POLICIES, PLEASE CLICK HERE One of the biggest expenses in our business are shampoos and conditioners to help keep our clientele squeaky clean.  Although we need these valuable products to keep our doors open, there is a common occurrence in many salons that have the business owners scratching their heads in wonderment.  They literally are washing profits down the drain and they don’t know how to stop the madness. As...

9 Shampoo Hacks at

9 Shampoo Hacks to Use in Your Shops

life·hack  ˈlīfˌhak/noun informal plural noun: life hacks a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient way. Courtesy of Google’s Definition We have all heard the term Life Hack and believe me, I try hard each and every day to implement some sort of plan to make life: easier, simpler, cheaper, faster, better, less stressful and more manageable For our full disclosure of privacy, affiliate links and other policies, please CLICK...

Free Shipping

Is Free Shipping Really Free?

About two years ago, I had a client that was tight on money. Being a seasonal business, I totally understood. She was looking to place about a $75 order and shipping would have been $15. She asked about my free shipping policy and, at the time, it was order $300 of products for free shipping.  What would have been a $90 bill now became $210 more at a time when money was scarce.  Because she did not want to pay...