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June 3, 2016

Grooming Products Save Time Save Money Waterless Shampoo


So what is the one product that will save you time and money?  Is it a computer software system?  Nope.  Much cheaper than that.  New bathing system?  Still not in my price range but getting closer.  An Android to wash all the difficult dogs? Not a chance but I like the way you think!  What is this elusive product you ask?  Drum roll please….. Waterless shampoo

I can sense your tremendous let down in my answer but let me give you the reasons why this product is used frequently by the busiest and best salons.

How often do you encounter a dog that poops on itself, pees on another dog, steps in urine and anals while doing the nails?  How about multiple times each week!  (My personal favorite is when you’re handing the dog back to the client and they pee all over themselves.)  So what do you do?  Re-bathe the spots that were spoiled which:

  • wastes your time
  • your staff’s time
  • inconveniencing an owner
  • tying up the tubs and dryers (again)
  • using more products
  • and creates double work – something you just don’t want to do during a busy day!
Time and money saving solution

Here’s where a waterless shampoo product saves the day!  A few squirts, rub it in and let it dry and the pet as good as new.  Maybe 30 seconds was lost versus many minutes.  If you have a boarding facility or daycare, having an amazing waterless product can save you lots of time and money.

One Product that will Save you Time and Money at
No water? No problem!

My first experience with a waterless shampoos came after Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana.  Until that time, I never knew a product like this existed.  Many stranded dogs were shipped to North Carolina to various vets, shelters and grooming salons.  These pets were in horrible condition and needed to be bathed immediately.  The problem was that these sweet animals were now traumatized of water due to being stuck in multiple feet for extended periods of time.  The only solution we found to clean up these pets safely was waterless shampoo.  In case you were wondering, it did get the pets clean – not as great as a regular bath but in this extreme case, it did the job beautifully without causing stress to these distraught pets.

Since then, I have always had on hand a gallon of waterless shampoo and a spray bottle.  The time and payroll saved from this product is well worth keeping it in stock always.

So the next time a pet runs through poop…..

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