How To Create A Successful Seasonal Package To Up Sell

July 14, 2016

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A quick and easy way to make some extra money in your business is to create a seasonal package with items you currently use in your salon.  For example, at Million Dollar Dog, we use Envirogroom’s Special FX product line because the 4 scents smell like the seasons:

  • Platinum Plum = winter
  • Citrus Blossom = spring
  • Tropical Passion = summer
  • Simply Fresh = fall

But you don’t need to use just these items.  Check out the items you currently have on-hand, group them together by like scents and create an up-selling opportunity!

What is included in a seasonal package?

A seasonal package can contain some of the following items: facial, shampoo and conditioner, and cologne that all have similar smells or that compliment each other well.

Changes with the seasons

Provide this package to your clients each season which is typically 13 weeks long. Look around your shop for stuff that goes along with that particular season. Maybe throw in a bandanna or bow that matches your ‘theme’ for the season.

Display and signage

Create a cute display to put on your door and counter so clients can see their seasonal choice.  If you can, put a little product in a small sample bottle for the clients to smell for approval.  Maybe a cute champagne flute (plastic, of course) with the shampoo of choice as a sampler?  Don’t forget to ask each client that comes into the shop if they would like the upgraded package!  Even with all the signage and displays, most people will be so distracted that they look right past it.  Also, create a cute name for each package!  (I must admit, we have lame marketing names such as ‘Spring Package!’  We have been doing it so long that our clients began to expect it and will call each package by name.  Why change it up now?  It’s much easier for them just to say, “I want the Summer Package.”)


Start your price a little on the high side.  Many clients will say no – in fact, the statistics say that you will only get 30% saying YES!  If you start the prices higher, it is much easier to run a special or discount the package for individual clients.  Starting higher and dropping the price makes the client feel value in the deal.  If you price yourself too low to start, there is not much you can do to cut a deal for a client. You are already at rock bottom pricing.

Not everyone will say yes

It’s okay if many of your clients choose not to get the seasonal package. That’s okay! You will find some of your clients to be raving fans and look forward to the changes in the season to try out some new scents.  Remember, some of these folks will only come in 4 times a year and they will get a kick out of choosing the different smelling packages.

The bottom line

Creating a package like this with products you already use in the shop will just boost your bottom line.  Just think, if two clients a day said yes at $10 that would be $1,300 in sales over the 13 weeks of the season. If you look at it in terms of profit, the products will probably only cost you about $250 for those 13 weeks. That’s over $1,000 added to your bottom line. Not too shabby huh?  Want a real life example?  We sold the Citrus Blossom Spring Package for 13 weeks and earned $2,340!  It’s products I already have in the spa and signage I created a few years ago.  For hardly any work and cost, we have a nice little package that the clients look forward too and I don’t have to spend all of my profits to create!

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