What Poison Control Says about Envirogroom

January 11, 2017

child and dog in wagon poison control Envirogroom natural ingredients


Scary story.

A client of ours had their young granddaughter drink Eliminator Shampoo accidentally, thinking it was fruit punch.  They immediately called Poison Control fearing that the toddler could be in a life threatening position.  So what did poison control say about Envirogroom shampoo?

“There is absolutely nothing in this product that can cause any harm to the child.  The ingredients are safe.”

Aside from a slight tummy ache, Envirogroom’s all-natural ingredients are safe enough for even a small child to drink!!  How about that!

It gets me thinking about those times when a dog will continuously lick the shampoo on their face while you are scrubbing them.  We often wonder if this could make them sick. I cannot speak for other shampoo lines, but I can say with certainty that our ingredients are not harmful, even to ingest.  The creators of Envirogroom designed it to be that way.

In addition, the products are biodegradable so when the mobile units dump their tanks, the dirty water will not even kill the grass.  High quality ingredients are like that – won’t harm nature in any way!

This story is a nice reminder about paying attention to what products we are using on ourselves and our beloved pets.  We get caught up on “free shipping deals” and “ooh, this smells great for weeks” that we forget about what really matters: how safe are the ingredients.  

Our clients pay us the big bucks to provide the best care imaginable for our services, which includes what products we use.  Our staff expect us to keep them safe and to use the highest quality products to reduce adverse side effects.  It is our responsibility as business owners to cater to both sides and choose wisely.


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