The Science Behind the Bubbles

ParabensParabens and What This Means for Animals in My Care

Para-What? Para-Who? What the heck are parabens and what do they mean for animals in my care?

When I first heard the word Paraben, it made me think of some elite military person jumping out of some supersonic jet with a parachute. (It’s okay, you can call me naive)! What struck me more, was how blind I was to the fact that so many products in our homes, bathrooms, beauty routines and in our grooming shops contain parabens. I needed to find out more…Continue reading…


dog ear cleanerWhat does Gasoline and Dog Ear Cleaner Have in Common?

Um, how about the fossil fuels (like petroleum, natural gas and coal) used to make both?!? Crazy, I know. But did you know that many leading ear cleaners in the market use that very ingredient – Isopropyl Alcohol (aka rubbing alcohol) – to clean dog’s ears?

Continue reading…

Gluten Free SignHow to Capitalize in a Gluten-Free World

Unless you are an ostrich and have your head in the sand it is impossible to miss the current trend for a gluten-free world.  From the foods we eat to the products we use, experts agree that the amount of gluten we come in contact with will cause an adverse effect on our ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But what does it all mean and what the heck does this have to do with my pet business???? 

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