Top 5 ShampoosTop 5 Shampoos You Need in Your Salons

Running a business is tough.  Managing money can be tougher.  Here are a few tips to help make business run smoother and keep your money in your pockets – where it belongs!  The following is a list of the Top 5 Shampoos most business owners keep in their salons all the time.  

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Shampoo lineupThe ‘B’ Word and I Ain’t Talking About Female Dogs!

The B word.  Almost as bad as me calling you a female dog.  Some people are great with it others not so much. What am I talking about?  The other dreaded word….BUDGET.  Creating a budget for your shampoo is really important.  It will help you better manage your products, save money in slower months and not wash your profits down the drain….literally.

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Dog bathAllergy Relief for Dogs

I believe that groomers are a smart bunch of people.  We can see a pet suffering from allergies a mile a way.  The patches of hair loss. The chewed feet. The miserable look on the pets face. Allergy time is here and we are the first line of defense for our concerned clients to help aid their pet in allergy season.

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ParabensParabens and What This Means for Animals in My Care

Para-What? Para-Who? What the heck are parabens and what do they mean for animals in my care?

When I first heard the word Paraben, it made me think of some elite military person jumping out of some supersonic jet with a parachute. (It’s okay, you can call me naive)! What struck me more, was how blind I was to the fact that so many products in our homes, bathrooms, beauty routines and in our grooming shops contain parabens. I needed to find out more…Continue reading…

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